I am full of stories, adventures and an insatiable curiosity for how others live in this world. Traveling and listening to people’s stories gave me a sense of my own stories, a physical looseness, and a creative freedom, which now comes through writing, performing and producing shows. 

I write because I have to. It is how I make sense of this world. And as a working performer, constantly playing and developing skills and producing new work, I hope to show others that they have the tools for opening up to their own imaginations. Grass roots, local, openhearted inspirational work is the key to making a difference. I’m not sure exactly how to build upon this, but I know that laughter is healing, and a story heard, or a smile shared brings people together, both locally and globally.

With her novels called provocative, engaging, challenging and inspiring, take a moment to read Sarah's latest novel, LUCKY FIND, available at your local indie bookstore and online for printed and e-books. 


There are many pages to this website, from the novels When No One's Looking, Lucky Shot and now Lucky Find, the book of travels Random Tales (Out On The Road), and not forgetting Vaudeville 101 - a solo show I performed in NM. 


 And ofcourse, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks! 


               Sarah Leamy 

  otherwise known as SLEAM!